RSCOM Consulting Inc. designs, develops and maintains custom software programs.
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RSCOM Consulting Inc. started in 2001 with a single programmer designing and developing customized applications for our diverse clientele. Due to the demand for our products and services, RSCOM today is a full service operation that includes business analysts, experienced programmers, graphic artists and web designers.

We work closely with our clients to automate their business procedures into user-friendly software applications that are customized to meet their requirements. RSCOM prides itself on its ability to automate not only standard processes but also, the most customized and unique business operations utilized by our clients.

The successful design and development of a client’s program is only one aspect of RSCOM Consulting’s services. Another important element of our success is our commitment to our client relationships. At RSCOM, our customers are fully supported from program design, development, installation and beyond. Our technical support service is proven with reliability and efficiency because of our extensive experience. Our dedication in providing the best support to our customer always comes first.


Assist our clients to maximize their revenue and minimize their expenditures through the automation of business processes packaged in user- friendly software applications.

Providing our clients with the necessary support and training to ensure that their software application meets their requirements and that the client realizes the maximum potential from their customized program.