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A Windows based program built for auto repair and maintenance shops. Auto-Soft is a fully functional yet easy to use program that tracks your customers, their vehicles, the services they purchased and more. For shops with special processes and requirements Auto-Soft can be customized to meet their needs.


Auto-Soft : Main Menu
Auto-Soft : Customer Record Auto-Soft : Invoice/POS Auto-Soft : Products and Services
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The standard version of Auto-Soft includes an invoice/P.O.S. module that can be customized to suit your current invoice design. Auto-Soft gives the user complete control over the maintenance of their product categories, products, pricing, discounts and more. A complete set of reports allows you to track your sales, clients and inventory. Auto-Soft’s Reminder module prints out cards or letters that can be sent to customers to notify them that it is time to return for services such as rust-proofing or oil changes.

Great Features
  • User friendly interface
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • A customer can be linked to multiple vehicles
  • Ability to view the service history for each vehicle
  • Set up your own product and product categories
  • Invoices can be customized with your company’s logo and preferred look
  • Ability to give discounts and refunds
  • Print out reminder notices and/or coupons to be sent to customers based on the services they purchased
  • 10 standard reports included. Additional customized reports can be added
Case Study

RSCOM Clients - Rust CheckAuto-Soft was first developed in 2002 as a simple service tracker for Rust Check dealers to send out reminder notices to their customers to come in for their annual rust prevention spray coating. Since that time, a number of dealers have had their programs customized to include appointment calendars, invoicing and handling their other products. One Rust Check master dealer had a head office version of Auto-Soft created so that he could import the invoices and customers from his dealers’ Auto-Soft programs.

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